Slur Represents Reason & Origins
Adolf Germans Hitler, of course. Generally thought of the worst person ever.
Bazi Germans "Bazi" is a Bavarian/Southern German term for a loveable crook. Pronounced "baht-see"
Blockhead Germans Refers to the shape of their heads. Term dates back to the beginning of time. Used a lot by Charles M. Schulz in "The Peanuts" comics & cartoons.
Boche Germans The French called the Germans this in WWII. "Boche" is short for "alcaboche" or cabbage-head.
Bosch Germans French WW2 term. Name of a big german tool and machine producer?
Boxhead Germans Germans typically have, or are thought to have, rather square heads.
Fischkopf Germans "Fish-head" used by southern Germans for northern Germans
Fritz Germans Russians in WWII called Germans Fritzes, a common German name in those days (short for Friedrich). Also, Germany was ruled by several emperors (Kaiser) with the name Friedrich.
Germ Germans Being a plague to humans, sickening them
Grout Germans WWII.
Hans Bitterman Germans Personifies the humourless German
Heinee Germans Possibly from the root name, "Hein."
Herm Germans Herman the German - self-explanatory.
Hitler Germans Self-explanatory.
Hun Germans When the Europeans united to crush the Chinese boxer rebellion, Kaiser Wilhelm II said something like "let the Germans strike fear into the hearts, so hell be feared like the hun!" Europe laughed, name stuck.
Jam Bun Germans Cockney slang for Hun (See: Hun)
Jerry Germans Apparently used since World War I. Jerry was a British nickname for "chamberpot", and was a reference to the shape of the helmets the germans wore in WWI.
Jew Burner Germans Refers to Jewish Holocaust during WW2.
Jew Killer Germans Reference to the Holocaust.
Kaiser Germans Referance to World War One.
Kartoffel Germans Called this by foreigners because they think Germans eat a lot of potatos (Kartoffel)
Kossy Germans Cossack tribes who lived in Northern Germany
Kraftwerk Germans Early German Techno Band
Kraut Germans Short for sauerkraut, a popular German food.
Mof/Moffen Germans Used by the Dutch in the 2nd World War.
Nazi Germans Self-explanatory.
Piffke Germans Pronounced "pif - ka." Used by Bavarians/Austrians to refer to North Germans (after a famous Prussian with the last name "Pieffke").
Saupreiss Germans Austrians and Bavarians use it for Northern Germans. Preiss is Austrian dialect for Preusse (Prussian) and a Sau is a female pig.
Schleu Germans Frech slur during WWI; common German consonant combination that is unpleasent sounding to French speakers
Schmeisser Germans WWII term for a German soldier, derived from a machine gun of the same make.
Shit-Eater Germans Feces eating is a fetish that originated in Germany, otherwise known as scat sex or shit sex eg. shit eating, rubbing shit, etc.
Volkswagen Germans Self explanatory.