puerto ricans

Slur Represents Reason & Origins
Bacardi Puerto Ricans Bacardi - Puerto Rican Rum
Block Hoppers Puerto Ricans Because so many Puerto Ricans live in Apartment Block to Apartment Block
Bodinki Puerto Ricans Slur used by Portuguse in Hawaii
Caco Puerto Ricans Puerto Rican youths who dress and act 'gangsta' and drive tricked out import cars with loud sound systems blasting 'Reggaeton' (a type of music that is like hip-hop with heavy percussion sounds).
Can-Kicker Puerto Ricans They play baseball and soccer with crushed cans.
In-Betweener Puerto Ricans They ain't white and they ain't black, THEY'RE IN BETWEEN
Jibaro Puerto Ricans Traditional term for mountain coffee bean pickers. Hillbilly.
Maldito Bori Puerto Ricans Puerto Ricans come from Boriquen and call themselves Boriquas. Bori is short for that. Maldito is used so commonly before Bori by many other Hispanics because they steal, rob, kill, and smell. Maldito means "god-damned".
Newyorican Puerto Ricans Puerto Ricans living in New York
P. R. Puerto Ricans self-explanatory
Porqin Puerto Ricans Slurred speech of Puerto Rican
Puerto Potty Puerto Ricans Play on words/smell.
Ship-wrecked Mexican Puerto Ricans The island of Puerto Rico
Sortarican Puerto Ricans Mix of Puerto Rican and any other race. Read in National Lampoon.